10 on 10 (#8) | A Day in the Life of Rox 2014

10 on 10 (#8) | A Day in the Life of Rox 2014

I missed posting my 10 on 10 for July, but I had a very good reason!  My computer was out of reach – thousands of miles out of reach.  Instead, I spent time with my son on the trip of our lives…for now.  I can’t guarantee I won’t do it again.  My post this month covers the 4th of July.  It’s not your typical Americana post for the 4th, but it’s an Americana post in the sense that I was following my dreams…on a European vacation.  Ayden was invited to participate in the Iowa Ambassadors of Music tour, which was coordinated by Voyageurs International.  I jumped at the opportunity to have a wonderful vacation with him.  Ayden and I spent our first day on European soil disembarking a plane, exploring Windsor, and taking a peek at London, England!

In Windsor, I was in good company with three great young ladies.  We ate lunch at a sidewalk cafe, took in the sights, and sampled some wonderful ice cream at a local shop.  (Miss you girls!)


We witnessed the Changing of the Guard…streetside.


Ayden took off to explore with some new friends, two of which roomed with him the entire trip.  I’m not going to lie – I enjoyed spending time with them, too.  Fun, fun kids!


There were many dining and souvenir shops to choose from in the Windsor Royal Station.


A trip to see Windsor Castle is not complete without a picture taken through the gates.


Leading away from the castle is the Long Walk, which leads to the Great Park.  It was breathtaking.  If only I were there to witness fall colors, too!


We loaded the bus and made our way to the hotel.  After a quick (and I mean so quick I didn’t even wash my hair) shower, we convened for dinner followed by a walk.  It felt longer than the Long Walk looked.  Our turnaround point was the Millennium Bridge over the River Thames.  The view was fantastic!  The Tower Bridge, the Shard, and Shakespeare’s Globe were all visible from one spot.


This view from the other side of the bridge shows a magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Ayden paused for a brief moment.


Ironically, this phrase was displayed on a wall near the bridge.  It depicted our trip for us at that exact point in time.  We had been going non stop for 48 hours, and it was Day 2 of our travels.


This 10 on 10 assignment gives me an opportunity to focus on one day per month and document it.  Fortunately, I had many days in July that I covered – all of them very special.  I will plan to share more from our trip in the near future!