Ignite | September 2014

Ignite | September 2014

Ignite – v. to set on fire.

The challenge is a creative discovery in fine art.  As I find tidbits of time for myself, I realize it is a time to reflect in more ways than one.  The walk along Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland was one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable experiences of my trip to Europe.  One of these days I’ll be able to move my focus onto something different, but in reality, this trip expanded my life in ways I can’t explain.

Reflect – v. (used without object)  1. to be turned or cast back, as light.  2. to cast back light, heat, etc.  3. to be reflected or mirrored.  4. to give back or show an image.  5. to think, ponder, or meditate.

Montreux Switzerland

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