About Rox

Rox and girls

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a young girl.  Camera in hand, I was taking pictures of anyone and anything in sight.  I was learning.  I sought out a senior rep opportunity in high school, and further, my first photography-related job.  During college, I enrolled in a photography class where I focused on the art as well as the technical aspects of photography, including hands-on developing and printing.  Soon after, I found myself working for another photographer; this time I was behind the camera shooting weddings.  Since then, my interest and skill in photography has continued to evolve and with my family’s support in 2007, Imaging Rox was founded!

Photography is embedded in me.  After losing my sister unexpectedly in 2010, and having just photographed her wedding myself, those portraits mean more to me than I ever imagined.  I absolutely love the art aspect, but the documentation through photography is something I will hold on to forever.  I am hopeful that those who receive portraits from Imaging Rox enjoy the experience as well as the images in-hand as much as I do.

I am currently a member of the Professional Photographers of Iowa and the Professional Photographers of America.